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Dennis Stroughmatt

Creole Stomp

Pipeliners Blues: Doin' Time


1. Pipeliners Blues

2. Stop Breakin' Down

3.  Gardez Done

4. All your Love (I Miss Lovin')

5. Big Texas

6. Goin' Back to Big Mamou

7. Carpenter's Waltz

8. Don't Mess With My Toot toot /Jack Rabbit

9. Baby Please Don't Go

10. Let the Good Times Roll

11. Zydeco Cha Cha

12. Together Again

13. When Am I Gettin' Outta Here

14. Everything on a Hog

15. House of the Rising Sun Remix

One More Time: A Tribute to Ray Price's Cherokee Cowboys


1. One More Time

2. You Wouldn't Know Me

w/ Leona Williams

3. Bubbles in My Beer

4. Invitation to the Blues

w/ Tony Booth

5. There Goes My Everything

6. Healing Hands of Time

7. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

w/ Justin Trevino

8. Take Me Back to Tulsa

9. Lonely Street

10. You Done Me Wrong

11. I'd Fight the World

12. Rubber Dolly

13. Wild Side of Life 

Talk to MyHeart: 

A Tribute to The Cherokee Cowboys


1.San Antonio Medley

2. Heart Over Mind

3. Touch My Heart

4. Under Your Spell Again

5. When It's Your Turn to Fall

6. A Way to Survive

7. I Wish I Could Fall in Love Today 

8. I'll Be There

9. The 24th Hour

10. Please Talk to My Heart

11. Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurtin' Me

12.You're Stronger Than Me

13. Each Time

14. Another Bridge to Burn

15. San Antonio Medley (reprise) 

5. When

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