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Jackson Capps

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1. Still Worth a Shot

2. Hurricane

3. Bartender Blues

4. What Happened to Us?

5. The Night Is Gonna Find Us

Still Worth a Shot - Jackson Capps
Hurricane - Jackson Capps
Bartender Blues - Jackson Capps
What Happened to Us? - Jackson Capps
The Night Is Gonna Find Us - Jackson Capps

Jackson Capps’ debut EP is a must-listen


Before even becoming a teenager, Trussville native Jackson Capps was playing country music in what's been called the world's greatest honky tonk. The time spent playing on the stages of Tootsie's World Famous Orchid Lounge has prepared him for this moment. 

That experience and a recent move to Nashville set the wheels in motion for his debut self-titled EP, released earlier in January. The 5-song EP was created with the intention of answering one simple question -- who is Jackson Capps?

"I just wanted to find the best songs we could find to represent me and who I am. I wanted to make sure I got one of the songs I've written on there as well," he said. "This is the first released EP. I've recorded when I was younger up until now, but this is the first time I've ever really  released something to the masses."

In order to do that, Capps took two previously unreleased songs from established Nashville songwriters, two cover songs and one of his own original tunes.

"The longest part of finding the songs. We recorded a lot of songs that didn't work out," he said of the process. 

Both covers are much older than Capps, as he chose Levon Helms' "Hurricane" and George Jones' "Bartender's Blues." Taking on one of Helms' biggest hits and most covered songs was a challenge, but Capps knew it had to be on the record from the minute he heard it for the first time.

"I didn't realize how popular 'Hurricane' has been to cover lately," he said. "I didn't even know the song for a long time. The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it and started putting it into my sets."

His choice to use "Bartender's Blues" and the other three songs on the EP was due to similar reasoning. 

"I feel something deep when I sing it. It takes you back in time, and that's what I grew up listening to and what I've been in love with," he said. "I like songs with a story and meaning. I think all these songs have that."

Because of his time growing up in Trussville, Capps has been able to build a solid foundation for himself as an artist, and is thankful for the support he's gotten through the years.'

"The Birmingham area is home. It helped me at an early age how to meet people," he said. "Your hometown tends to be your first fans, and going back to play and seeing people I haven't seen in a while is fun. I appreciate growing up there because everybody is so kind and I feel like they're proud because they support me."

The EP, produced by Capps and Jack Key, is available for streaming on all major platforms and available for download on iTunes. 

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