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Five Stars


1. This Old Honky Tonk

    - (Li'l Mickey Mix)

2. Long Story Short

3. Ripley, West Virginia

4. Glad She's Not an Angel

5. I Don't Wanna Lose You, Anna

    - (Li'l Mickey Mix)

6. Five Star Dive Bar

7. Early Times

8. I May Fall Again (Shuffle)

9. Every Minute

10. Damned If I Didn't 

Paul Pace


1. This Ole Honky Tonk

2. What She's Givin'

3. Face in the Crowd

4. I Don't Wanna Lose You, Anna

5. Honky Tonk Heartache of the Year

6. I May Fall Again

7. I'm Here With Her

8. I've Seen It All

9. Rain on the River

10. End of the Day

11. That's What My Daddy's Fighting For

The Lost Mixes


1.This Ole Honky Tonk

    - (Freddie Wall Mix)

2. I Don't Wanna Loe You, Anna

    - (Freddie Wall Mix)

3. Rain on the River

    - (Freddie Wall Mix)

4. Bartender's Blues

5. Haven't You Heard?

Rain on the River (Freddie Wall Mix) - Paul Pace

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